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Frames: Redefined Earrings

Frames: Redefined Earrings

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These 3D sterling silver earrings reminds you to take time to peer out the window frames in take in all that awaits you.  What will you do with it?

Length: 2.5"

Width: 1.25"

Each  individual earring is different and dimensions are approximate.

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The Collection: Redefined

Every piece in The Collection: Redefined is created from something that already existed in my studio, The House of lolahSoul. That 'something' could be supplies (stones, wire, metal) or another piece of jewelry that had yet to be sold...that I redefined. My fervent hope is that this collection reminds you of the importance of redefining.  As we grow, so too should how we define things: happiness, joy, success, family, femininity, love. And these definitions should be YOURS.  Not someone else's.  Not what society says.  Not what social media says.  This journey is YOURS. Enjoy, learn, grow and define every moment of it.

Check back often as jewelry will be added along the journey...