Metal With a Twist


Metal With a Twist is a new and exciting way to unleash your inner jewelry designer.

You create your own unique piece of jewelry. It’s a fun, creative, social experience with your friends.

An instructor will guide you while you design and create your jewelry. Relax and unleash your creative self.

You will leave Metal With a Twist with a finished piece of jewelry to adorn (or gift). And the best part….YOU made it!!!


How to book your Metal With a Twist Party:


Want Metal With a Twist (MWT) by lolahSoul Jewelry to come to you?  That’s the first step. Just decide you want to host a MWT session, get your friends / family / co-workers together and we do the rest of the work. Yup, it’s that simple.  Simply email fill out a request form to get started.


Complete the request form and we'll work with you to customize your Metal With a Twist party. Personalized online invitations will be created for you to forward to your fellow jewelry designers. We handle all registrations and payments so there’s less work for you.


There must be a minimum of 7 jewelry designers (including the host) for your Metal With a Twist party.  The maximum number we can accommodate will depend upon your venue space, be it your cozy home or a business venue. We will work with what you have available. No worries there.


We work with the host to customize each MWT party.  Location, complexity of project, number of jewelry designers and length of the Session are just some of the things that go into the formula. We can tell you they start at just $175 per person and include all materials. (Please note Pendant parties include PENDANTS only, they do not include chains.)


We can transform your home or venue into a jewelry studio.  Prefer not to host it in your home?  We partner with local businesses for Metal With a Twist parties at a variety of venues. We can provide you a list of our preferred vendors who provide MWT discounts for space rental.


Sessions are approximately 3 hours but will vary since each is tailored. (Yeah, we know this one is super short but that’s all we got.)


The jewelry you will be creating is not very messy; however, we do suggest you wear something comfortable so you can freely move around.  It's also important that you pull back long hair securely...after all we will be playing with fire!  No free flowing or extra long sleeves should be worn. And closed toe shoes are a must. We will provide the safety goggles, but if you’d like to bring your own, feel free.


The host will choose the type of project (pendant, rings, etc….) and we will provide examples of the pieces, but we strongly encourage you to let your creativity run rampant. In fact, our jewelry instructor will bring additional supplies for purchase in case you can’t contain yourself and want to make more than one item (and time allows).


MWT by lolahSoul Jewelry provides all the jewelry supplies.  As the host, you supply the invited guests, tables and chairs and any accoutrements you’d like (i.e. music, food, beverages).   Adult beverages are more than welcome AFTER we're done making the jewelry.  Safety and alcohol do NOT play well together.


Submit a request form and we'll be in touch soon.