Metal With a Twist™: A Jewelry Experience

Metal With a Twist™ is a new and exciting way to unleash your inner jewelry designer.

You create your own unique piece of jewelry. It’s a fun, creative, social experience with your friends.

An instructor will guide you while you design and create your jewelry. Relax and unleash your creative self.

You will leave with a finished piece of jewelry to adorn (or gift). And the best part….YOU made it!!!


Two women. One woman is using a jewelry torch.  The other woman is providing instruction.



YOU get your friends together..WE bring our mobile jewelry studio which has all the supplies you need to make your own custom piece of jewelry. And yes...we bring torches...

You can come to us... or we can come to you.   We love options.

Book Metal With a Twist™ today and lets talk about how to customize your Jewelry Experience. 





How to book your Metal With a Twist™ Party:


Want to host a Metal With a Twist™ (MWT) party? That’s the first step. Just decide you want to host a MWT party, get your folks together and we do the rest of the work. Yup, it’s that simple.  Simply fill out a request form to get started.  We'll contact you to set up a consultation call to discuss your customized Metal With a Twist Party.


Complete the request form and we'll work with you to customize your Metal With a Twist party. Personalized online invitations will be created for you to forward to your fellow jewelry designers. We handle all registrations and payments so there’s less work for you.


For semi-private parties there must be a minimum of 7 jewelry designers (including the host). For private parties the minimum is 10 jewelry designers (including the host).  We can accommodate more, just let us know so we can start the planning. If you'd like to have participants younger than 16 years of age, please let us know so we can customize a private experience for your party.
What's the difference between semi-private and private? Good Question. Please check the next section.


Semi-Private: 7-9 Jewelry Designers. These parties are held in our preferred vendor locations and could include another semi-private party happening during the same time slot.  Sharing is Caring.

Private Parties: 10 or more Jewelry Designers.  You get the whole place to yourself.  If you'd like us to come to you, you must book a private party.  


We work with the host to customize each MWT party.  Location, complexity of project, number of jewelry designers and length of the session are just some of the things that go into the formula. We can tell you they start at just $150 per person and include all jewelry materials. (Please note Pendant parties include PENDANTS only, they do not include chains.  We will have chains available for purchase.)

VENUES: Ours or Yours

We partner with a beautiful downtown boutique in St. Pete for our Metal With a Twist Parties. The name: Sip, Shop, Hooray... tells you pretty much everything.  You'll have time to Sip & Shop before and after MWT... they'll be plenty of hooraying during the party. We have both Semi-Private & Private Parties at this location.
If you'd like us to come to you, we can transform your home or venue into a jewelry studio.  You must book a private party (10 or more people) for us to come to your. There is an additional cost depending on the distance of the venue location.   We can discuss more details during your consultation call.


Sessions are approximately 3 hours but will vary since each is tailored. (Yeah, we know this one is super short but that’s all we got.)


The jewelry you will be creating is not very messy; however, we do suggest you wear something comfortable so you can freely move around.  It's also important that you pull back long hair securely...after all we will be playing with fire!  No free flowing or extra long sleeves should be worn. And closed toe shoes are a must. We will provide the safety goggles, but if you’d like to bring your own, feel free.


The host will choose the type of project (pendant, rings, etc….) and we will provide examples of the pieces, but we strongly encourage you to let your creativity run rampant. In fact, our metalsmith will bring additional supplies for purchase in case you can’t contain yourself and want to make more than one item (and time allows).


OUR PLACE: MWT provides all the jewelry supplies.  If you come to us, we provide everything.  You can bring food if you'd like.
YOURS: If we come to you we bring the mobile jewelry studio with tools and supples. You supply the tables and chairs and access to electricity, as well as any accoutrements you’d like (i.e. music, food, beverages).   
ADULT BEVERAGES are more than welcome AFTER we're done making the jewelry.  Safety first....we're going to steer clear of having fire and alcohol combined. Remember: SAFEY FIRST.


Submit a request form and we'll be in touch soon.