The Metalsmith

lolahSoul Jewelry Kamysha metalsmith designer sterling silver handmade



Greetings! I am Kamysha, Metalsmith and Owner of lolahSoul Jewelry.

I'm self taught and have been breaking rules of jewelry making for over 17 years. It took me YEARS to find my artistic voice: Modern Organix. It's heard a song and followed it to a special location in the Earth and began digging... until you discovered a piece that was made just for you. Yeah...I know...sounds like Earth Mother meets tequila, but I'm okay with that...and for the record, I prefer wine. :)

Much to everyone's surprise, lolah is not my first name; however, she is indeed one of the many sides of me. She is my fearless side who 'leaps afraid' and courageously steps outside her comfort zone to grow. She stands up for what she believes in and she stands firm in knowing 'she is enough'. I strive to be a little more like lolah everyday.

In my studio, The House of lolahSoul, I create in what I like to call "organized chaos"... often letting the metal and stones lead the way. My mantra is 'perfection is so overrated' so I honor the beautiful imperfections of each creation. I believe every piece I make already belongs to someone....if only they listen for the call.

So my hope is that you discover a piece of lolahSoul Jewelry that speaks to your spirit and when you wear it... you are reminded of the importance of #BeingFearless. However YOU define that.


Creatively Yours,

Kamysha aka lolah

*Note: This photo is from a couple years ago at a lolahSoul photo shoot, and it is absolutely one of my faves. We were near the water, the wind was blowing like crazy, it was hella-cold and the pic came out blurry. And through it all...I stood firm...imperfectly perfect and fearless.