ɛnan Adinkra Charm Bracelet Set

ɛnan Adinkra Charm Bracelet Set

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ɛnan Adinkra Charm Bracelet Set includes a 7 mm Sterling Silver single chain bracelet with 3 charms (of your choice) and features a lobster clasp.  (Available in 7.5" or 8.5" lengths)

Charms available: 

GYE NYAME has become an icon of all Adinkra, encapsulating the faith of an African people who see God’s involvement in every aspect of human life. It translates into "God is Omnipotent".

NKYINKYIM - This Adinkra symbol represents perseverance through the twists and turns of life which requires versatility and resiliency.  

SANKOFA means "go back and fetch it". It reminds us to learn from the past and use those experiences  for a wiser future.

DUAFE represents the powerful, feminine and fearless qualities represented in womanhood... contemplation, compassion, beauty, love & care.

PEMPAMSIE represents strength through UNITY.  It literally means "that which will not crush". This symbol represents the need for ever-readiness, steadfastness, hardiness, valor & fearlessness. It suggests that each link or each person is important to the whole. It implies that each individual in his or her own right, must be strong.

AKOBEN (the war horn) is a call to action, readiness to be called to action, voluntarism. This is a symbol of readiness for war.  

NYANSAPO (wisdom knot) is a symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence & patience. A wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal.

Adinkra symbols are from the Akan of Ghana.  They denote African proverbs, parables & wisdom.  Their meanings have transcended time yet adapted to cultural and social changes of modern society. 

***Please only choose 3 charms. If more than 3 charms are chosen, we will  have to decide which 3 to include.***

If you'd like to include additional charms to your bracelet, please add them to your cart separately. Adinkra Collection


Charms are hand stamped with the lolahSoul makers mark.